Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

According to the numbers, Shawano County is a great place for you to do business! We offer a diverse population and a skilled labor force and the area is neighbored by several metropolitan centers.

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Population Statistics
Major Communities: 2011 Population
Diverse Labor Force Data
Employment by Industry
Income Levels (2011)
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Shawano County Communities
Major Industrial Employers


Population Statistics*:

The county is comprised of approximately 41,754 people and is primarily Caucasian (90%) with Native Americans making up the majority of the balance (7.6%). 77.8% of the population is age 18 or over; 18.7% are aged 65 and older (2011 Census Fact Finder). Evenly split between male and female (50% males; 50% females), the median age is 43 or 10.47% older than the state average (38.5). Population growth from 2000 to 2010 was a healthy 3.2%. The cost of living in Shawano County in 2012 was lower than the US average, at 80.9 based on an index of 100.


Major Communities: 2011 Population*:

Bimamwood 816
Bonduel 1,472
Gresham 583
Shawano 9,263
Tigerton 739
Wescott 3,168
Wittenberg 1,081
Marion 1,267

Diverse Labor Force Data:

There are approximately 21,592 people in Shawano County's labor force (2011 Census Fact Finder), of which 19,852 (91.9%) are employed and approximately 1,727, (8.0%) are seeking employment. State projections suggest a growing labor force. They are characterized as motivated, hard working individuals with a strong work ethic.

Applicants are less likely to have received a post-secondary education, but more likely to have completed high school than the state average.

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Employment by Industry***:

Shawano County has a diversified industrial base with manufacturers in paper making products, textiles, wood products, iron works, agriculture and food processing. Since other major industries are just outside the county's borders, many area workers possess a wide range of technical skills.

Income Levels (2011)***:

The median family income for residents of Shawano County is estimated at $53,925 compared to $66,065 statewide. (2011 Census Fact Finder).  Per 2011 Census figures, the average Per Capita income in Shawano County is $22,828 or 19% lower than Wisconsin's average Per Capita income of $27,192.

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Distance to Major Cities:

A newly expanded city/county airport with 3,900 foot and 2,225 foot paved runways and pilot-controlled lighting is capable of handling corporate aircraft. Charter service is available through Shawano Flying Service. Commercial service is available at Austin-Straubel (Green Bay), Outagamie (Appleton) and Central Wisconsin Airport (Mosinee). The Canadian National Railroad serves Shawano County and the Shawano County Industrial Park.

Measured Distances (Miles):
Green Bay 38
Milwaukee 145
Chicago 243
Twin Cities 241
Wausau 60
Appleton 50


Business Data***:

YearBusiness BirthsBusiness ExpansionsBusiness Contractions
1999 47 196 178
2000 62 206 178
2001 58 200 201
2002 62 197 199
2003 59 219 182
2004 60 219 193
2005 61 214 215
Total number of firms, 2007: 3,402

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Utility Contact Information:

The county boasts low utility rates provided by cooperatives, municipals and larger providers of electricity with capacity reserves capable of handling major users. Water is abundant and natural gas or L.P. gas is available throughout the county.  Utility rates vary throughout the county and will vary according to the type of hookup at the consumer's facility.  For current rates, contact:

Electric Service:

  • Shawano Municipal Utilities (715) 526-3131, 122 N Sawyer St, Shawano, WI 54166.
    Services the City of Shawano and parts of the towns of Belle Plaine, Waukechon, Richmond and Wescott.
  • Alliant Energy (800) 255-4268.
    Services towns of Aniwa and Birnamwood and villages of Bowler, Eland, Mattoon, Wittenberg, Keshena and Neopit.
  • Central Wisconsin Electric Co-op (800) 377-2932
    Services the Village of Tigerton, the towns of Wittenberg, Morris, Seneca, Birnamwood, Almon, Bartleme, Germania, Fairbanks, and parts of the towns of Red Springs Hutchins and Grant.
  • Oconto Electric Cooperative (920) 846-2816 or (800) 472-8410
    Services parts of the towns of Wescott, Washington, Green Valley and Angelica.
  • WE Energies (800) 242-9137
    Services the towns of Angelica, Belle Plaine, Lessor, Wescott, Navarino, Green Valley, Waukechon, Maple Grove, Hartland and the villages of Bonduel, Cecil, Krakow, Advance, Pulcifer and Briarton.

Natural Gas Service:

  • WE Energies (800) 242-9137
    Provides natural gas service for most of Shawano County.
  • Wisconsin Public Service (800) 450-7260
    Provides service to customers in Wittenberg, Birnamwood and Tigeron areas. Water and Sewer:
  • Shawano Municipal Utilities (715) 526-3131, 122 N Sawyer St, Shawano, WI 54166.
    Services the City of Shawano and parts of the towns of Belle Plaine, Waukechon, Richmond and Wescott.
  • Birnamwood Sewer Utility (715) 449-2743
  • Bonduel Municipal Operations (715) 758-8779
  • Bowler Utilities (715) 793-4910
  • Cecil Sewer System (715) 745-4428
  • Gresham Municipal Utilities (715) 787-3994
  • Tigerton Water and Sewer Utilities (715) 535-2660

For a more concise compilation of Data and Statistics for Shawano County Visit City-Data

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Shawano County Communities*

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Major Industrial Employers:

  • Aarrowcast, Inc.
  • Bantam Tool, Inc.
  • Bisley Fabrication, Inc.
  • Braatz Welding, LLC
  • CRI/Genex
  • Glover Manufacturing
  • Graf Creamery, Inc.
  • Hoffman Wood Fiber, LLC
  • JJ Grunewald, Inc.
  • J&R Machine, Inc.
  • Kersten Lumber Co, Inc.
  • KI-Bonduel
  • Mod Tech Industries, Inc.
  • North Central Labs
  • Nueske's Applewood Smoked Meats
  • Reinhart FoodService, LLC
  • Rosin Woodwork Corp.
  • Schmidt Lumber
  • Shawano Hardwoods, Inc.
  • Shawano Medical Center
  • Shawano Specialty Papers
  • Stone Creations of Wisconsin, Inc.
  • TimberPro, Inc.
  • Top Brass, Inc.
  • Value Added Distributors, LLC
  • Wisconsin Film & Bag
  • Wisconsin Veneer & Plywood, Inc.
  • World Wide Signs

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*Data Provided By City-Data
**Data Provided by US Census Bureau
***Data/Charts Provided By Justia