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What is the GROW Grant?

This two-part program series is designed to help small business owners grow their business beyond the "first stage" or microenterprise level.  Business owners will participate in a valuable workshop series that will identify key enterpreneurial talents, focus on developing and directing skills, as well as composing an effective One Page Business Plan.

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Small Business Initiative Entrepreneur & Business Owner Programming -

Welcome to the Small Business Initiative at NWTC. Are you looking to take your business to the next level? Want to turn your entrepreneurial idea into a business? The Small Business Initiative is a great place to start!

The Small Business Initiative (SBI) is the comprehensive resource in Northeast Wisconsin to assist in the development of entrepreneurs and growth of local small businesses. The Small Business Initiative provides customized coaching and workshops with the help of our team of experienced business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing, operations, legal and financial professionals. Let us help you put your business on the path to success through our specialized programming. 

Small Business Initiative Entrepreneur & Business Owner Development Guide