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AgVentures LLC

AgVentures LLC
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Data-Pros Mission: To lead and support the crop production industry in Wisconsin with technology and information management to keep it sustainable

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Helping to increase your productivity

Monitor Setup/Support

  • Field name and boundary import
  • Enter operators, seed varieties, fertilizer, chemical, implements and guidance lines into your monitor

Information Management

  • We will help you collect, store, and analyze your data
  • Planter, yield, soil type, soil fertility, manure application, fertilizer, herbicide, scouting, profit/loss
  • Log-in to our safe cloud storage for easy data access
  • Make decisions off of your data

Management Zones

  • Use your land to its fullest potential and put your product where it matters most
  • Create Management zones based off of yield, soil type, and fertility
  • High, medium, and low productivity zones based off of observations, soil properties, and crop yield
  • Create prescription maps for variable rate spreading, spraying, and planting
  • 1 acre learning blocks to experiment with population and fertility to find top-end yield

GPS Mapping and Soil Sampling

  • Drainage tile mapping
  • Field boundaries
  • Field maps
  • Grid soil sampling