Marion Body Works

Marion Body Works

Marion Body Works, Inc.
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211 W Ramsdell Street Marion, WI 54950
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(715) 754-5261
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“Excellent workmanship and honest value.” Back in 1905 our founder determined that this would be our defining difference in the market, and he was right. We begin building every piece of equipment knowing we must deliver, every day, on both.

Why do fire and emergency departments, brokers and dealers across the U.S. have utmost confidence in Marion?

  • Our knowledge and experience across five product groups – fire & emergency, commercial, cabs, defense and custom engineered vehicles. All we learn in one area contributes to leading edge innovation in others
  • Every Marion is built from the ground up, designed collaboratively, with valuable insights of our customer, sales team, shop floor crafts, engineers and suppliers
  • Our technology and equipment. Marion’s modern facilities run state-of-the-art computer technology and equipment that ensure product precision and performance.
  • Every person on our production team is a specialist – in aluminum and steel fabrication, welding, plumbing, foam insulation, hydraulics, vehicle electrical and electronics, or painting
  • We select vendors based on quality, warranty and service, not just price, so every component of a Marion product performs to our very high standards, and yours
  • We treat our customers and our people right – that’s why 80% of Marion customers are repeat customers, and the average employee has more than a decade of experience with us
  • We create valued relationships with our customers. There may be no greater passion for delivering consistently exceptional quality and forming relationships with customers than here at Marion. 

We’re hardworking people who have a genuine interest in your satisfaction; we’re not a corporation filling orders. We’re easy to work with, flexible and determined and we demonstrate that in every contact you have with Marion and everything we put our name on.