New North Videos

Highly ranked quality of life, dynamic communities and more are just a few of the many reasons why so many love to live, work, and play in Northeast Wisconsin.

Four distinct seasons, dynamic and diverse employers, active and safe cities and communities are just a few of the many reasons why so many choose to call the New North region home.  Northeast Wisconsin features Fortune 500 companies, growing communities with modern apartments and newly constructed homes, top tier colleges, accessible and award-winning healthcare, performing arts and live music,  and every outdoor and indoor hobby you can imagine.  
As the New North regional brand explains, many feel they are familiar with Northeast Wisconsin's offerings, but when experienced, it is always 'North of What they Expect.'  Whether you are single and in your early 20's, married with young children, or even retired with active hobbies, Northeast Wisconsin can offer you everything you have wanted and a unique place to call "home".    
Considering cost of living for all the region’s amenities, it is obvious the value and advantages each individual and family enjoys from living in the New North region. Find out your own reason why Northeast Wisconsin is, “North of What you Expect” at the link below.

“North of What you Expect” Videos