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Welcome to the website of Shawano County Economic Progress, Inc. (SCEPI).
Shawano County Economic Progress, Inc. (SCEPI) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation dedicated to the mission of "promoting economic vitality" throughout Shawano County by acting as a technical resource and facilitator for our communities and our business partners.

SCEPI assists our business partners by providing services that address their top priorities:

  • Providing services that help to create new jobs.
  • Assisting area businesses with expansion needs.
  • Engaging in activities that provides the business community with the highly skilled workforce they need to be efficient, profitable and competitive.
  • Attracting new businesses to create a more diversified area economy.
  • Supporting entrepreneurs and other new business start-ups.
  • Being a partner with other local and area community and County development leaders and organizations.

(adopted by the SCEPI Board of Directors on
May 22, 2017):

The mission of Shawano County Economic Progress, Inc. is to foster and encourage economic development activities that enhance the financial well-being of Shawano County.

Shawano County Economic Progress Inc.
Peter Thillman, Chief Economic Development Officer