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Cooperative Resources International (CRI), headquartered in Shawano, Wisconsin, is the global leader in delivering excellence, innovation and value to members and customers. CRI is a member-owned holding cooperative formed in 1993, but with individual business segments dating back to the 1920s. Today, CRI and its subsidiaries - AgSource Cooperative Services, Genex Cooperative, Inc. and MOFA Global - encompass more than 1,500 employees dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals linked to the land through plant and animal production.

During its formation, CRI became the nation's first direct link between a dairy herd improvement organization and a provider of cattle genetics and artificial insemination service. At that time those organizations were known as the Wisconsin DHI Cooperative and 21st Century Genetics. Today, following mergers and acquisitions, those organizations are known as AgSource and Genex. MOFA Global joined the CRI family in 2014.

AgSource Cooperative Services

In 1959, predecessors of AgSource joined to provide dairy herd improvement (DHI) computer processing and field association services. In 1967, the first soil laboratory was opened followed by the first forage and grain testing lab in 1978.

Soon after the formation of CRI, the DHI predecessor organization known as the Wisconsin DHI Cooperative changed its name to AgSource Cooperative Services.

Since 1993, AgSource purchased the first food and environmental lab. The cooperative has also expanded its services outside of Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin adding facilities in Lincoln, Nebraska and Umatilla, Oregon.

Genex Cooperative, Inc.

At the time CRI formed, the cooperative's A.I. organization was known as 21st Century Genetics. In early 1995, Noba, Inc., a cattle breeding cooperative based in Tiffin, Ohio, joined CRI. Noba and 21st Century Genetics had been working together under a marketing agreement since 1993.

In mid-1995, Federated Genetics, headquartered in Ithaca, N.Y., 21st Century Genetics and Noba, Inc. began representing each other in their respective marketing areas. In 1996, Federated Genetics was renamed Genex Cooperative, Inc. and became the third A.I. organization to join CRI.

In 1999, CRI delegates voted to consolidate the three A.I. subsidiaries into a single organization called Genex Cooperative, Inc. Since then, Genex has provided bovine semen, service and programs throughout the United States and Canada. The International Marketing Division has provided similar products across the globe.

In 1999, Central Livestock Association, a livestock marketing organization headquartered in South St. Paul, Minnesota, became the third CRI subsidiary. In 2011 following a positive vote by delegates, CRI restructured Central Livestock as a company of Genex. The Central Livestock headquarters remains in South St. Paul. 

MOFA  Global

MOFA Global assists customers around the globe in achieving success by developing and effectively supporting the use of advanced assisted reproduction technologies through superior quality products and customer service.

MOFA Global, formerly known as Minitube, was established in 1986 by Ludwig Simmet and his wife, Rebekah Simmet. In February 2014, CRI purchased the primary assets of MOFA Global. The company now stands as the third subsidiary of CRI, alongside AgSource and Genex.

With the addition of MOFA Global, CRI created new business relationships within the porcine industry as well as those specialized in reproduction in other species. Through the MOFA Global Center for Biotechnology in Mt Horeb, Wisconsin, CRI also gained a direct research connection. The International Center for Biotechnology conducts cutting-edge research spanning several animal species and specifically focuses on advances reproductive technologies, molecular and cell biology, and DNA and genomics research.

Grassroots Governance

CRI subsidiaries AgSource and Genex are governed by an operating board of directors. Producer members within both subsidiaries elect fellow members to serve as delegates. Delegates elect directors for their subsidiary board of directors and provide input to their subsidiary board. The CRI board is comprised of members from both the AgSource and Genex boards of directors.