Diversified Woodcrafts, Inc.

Diversified Woodcrafts, Inc.

Diversified Woodcrafts, Inc.
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300 S. Krueger Street, Suring, WI 54174
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920.842.2136 / 877.348.9663
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We are the classic story. Someone has an idea and starts a business in their basement. Ours was to make test tube drying racks. Our customers loved the quality and asked us to make other science accessories. Diversified Woodcrafts was originated, and we started producing furniture for the science market.

We continued to grow and develop a line of science laboratory furniture. We moved into a new, larger facility and operated out of this facility until a fire destroyed the manufacturing portion of the plant in March of 1995. Due to the hard work of our employees, we reopened utilizing temporary facilities four weeks later. The decision was made to build a new facility with an optimal manufacturing layout that would allow the company to continue to grow.

In October our new facility was opened and was four times larger than the original plant.

In October, Diversified Woodcrafts, Inc. was sold to JBC Holding Co. They are a privately held company and has brought about our affiliation with our sister companies; Shain Shop Bilt and John Boos Company.

We entered the casework market and are continuing to expand our presence in that market. Today our tables, mobile labs and workstations can be found in schools, museums, and laboratories throughout the United States. We are proud of our growth and of the quality products that we continue to produce

Due to our continued growth, we more than doubled our manufacturing plant.

To continue our competitive edge, we consolidated our manufacturing facilities. We moved Shain Solutions to our Wisconsin plant location. Now utilizing our workforce along with our cutting-edge technology in all facets of manufacturing.

This year, we celebrate 40 years of building quality oak and maple furniture. If you visit schools throughout the country, chances are you’ll find the Diversified Woodcrafts label on at least one piece of furniture in the school, if not a whole classroom’s worth. From a basement, to a garage to a 100,000 square foot modern manufacturing plant. It’s a story worth sharing.